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   Warriors number one defensive object non-card wow Ibrahimovic praise him is the amount of rabbit [20/05/17 05:09AM]   
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In the Western Conference finals before the start, Warriors temporary coach Brown has made it clear that anti-Miles will be their primary task. "This guy, his energy, or his power, seems to me to be the league's premier," Brown said, "that would give you a huge threat because his long shots were so good."

So far, the Warriors' defense against Mills is a success. In the Spurs and Grizzlies series, Mills averaged 10.2 points, shooting 47.7 percent from the field, shooting 51.9 percent from the three-point range, averaging 12.2 points in the Spurs and Rocket series And 3.3 assists, shooting 45.8 percent. It is worth mentioning that in the last four games with the Rockets series, Mills averaged 14.8 points, shooting 44.7%. But in the Western Conference finals in the first game, Mills 8 vote 1 only 5 points; and in the second round of the Western Conference finals, Mills 6 vote 2 also get 5 points.

In Thompson's strict man-made, Mills in the Western Conference finals in the three-pointers 10 vote only 1, and in the first two rounds, his three-pointers is 66 of 27, hit rate of 40.9%. "They did something different for him and trapped him." Spurs defender Green said, "they have more physically fit guys, so they use their hands and enthusiasm. We have to find a different way to get Mills gets the space to make him more aggressive and back to himself.

After the Spurs 'training today, Mills talked about the Warriors' own defensive plan. "It must have been such a feeling," Mills said, "I can not get the ball, the post moves are not smooth, they will not let me take the ball, will not leave me, that's what I do on the defensive end." "

The Spurs are now at 0-2 behind the big championship, and the third game will be held tomorrow in San Antonio, and Mills wants him to break out of the game. "In the last few days, I've watched a lot of video and tried to find a solution to the problem," Mills said. "I've seen some way from the video, and tomorrow we will show them in the game."

On the day before the Western Conference finals, Brown talked about his respect for Mills. "He is the biggest feature, that is, the ball is very good," Brown said, "you can never relax on his vigilance.If he holds the ball in his hand, you have to defend him, if you do not have personal defense, then He will hit a third note.If he chooses to pass, if you relax, he will be like a rabbit.

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