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   Premier League - Alonso 2 ball Bashuya sent Oolong [24/08/17 04:06AM]   
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2017-2018 season Premier League second round of a finale in the Wembley Stadium, the game by the previous season's Premier League runner-up Tottenham match against Premier League champions Chelsea, Marcos Alonso free kick, Bashuya Since the Oolong, Pedro assists Alonso lore, and ultimately, Chelsea away 2-1 victory Tottenham, get the first win of the season, Tottenham suffered the first defeat.

The first 4 minutes of the game, Canter left pass, Mora tower header did not top. 1 minute later, Aspili Quetta on the right pass, Mora tower header missed. The first 10 minutes, Harry - Kane in the restricted area long-range, Kuru Tuowa hit the ball, and soon get the ball. 14 minutes, Ali in the restricted area to find a shot opportunity, but unfortunately kicked high kicks(visit onlinegameshop. The first 19 minutes, Deng Beilei ball against the open Mora tower, followed by a long shot far higher.

20 minutes, William pass, David - Louis outside the restricted area long-range high. The first 23 minutes, Chelsea get free kick opportunity, Marcos - Alonso left foot free kick around the wall, Chelsea away 1-0 lead. The first 29 minutes, Kane in the restricted area within the right foot volley, the ball missed the goal. 42 minutes, Tottenham counterattack, Kane in the restricted area on the left side of the flash when the foot shot, the ball hit the column pop, Chelsea escaped. Halftime, Chelsea 1-0 lead.

The first 48 minutes, Vail Tongheng left the biography, Kurutu to get the ball. 56 minutes, Terry Pierre on the right pass, Chelsea defender out of the sidelines. 64 minutes, Tottenham out of the left corner, Chelsea defender out. The first 67 minutes, Kant on the right pass, Tottenham defender out.

70 minutes, Chelsea counterattack, William dribbling after the ball, Mora tower shot in the restricted area by Tottenham defender blocked a bit out after the bottom line. The first 73 minutes, William out of the box outside the shells hit the column pop. 76 minutes, Tottenham wonderful match, but unfortunately Kane's last shot was blocked again. 79 minutes, Davis left cross, Chelsea defender out. 82 minutes, Eriksson out of the left free kick, Bashuya header within the restricted area but staged Oolong ball, Tottenham 1-1 Chelsea. 87 minutes, Chelsea counterattack, Pedro ball, Alonso in the restricted area left foot small angle break, Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham. Eventually, Tottenham failed to tie the game, Chelsea 2-1 win.






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