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   Why is Owen determined to leave? [22/07/17 09:39AM]   
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What is the contradiction between Owen and James? Perhaps from the 2016-17 season, after all, 2015-16 season, Owen, but affectionate to James "confession", "I want to be a championship, as a birthday gift to James." In the 2016 Finals, Owen said To do, it is the last three games, by virtue of his...


   Bayern gunmen in Shanghai high temperature match against the game dedicated to add water time [21/07/17 05:08AM]   
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2017 ICC International Champions League Bayern Munich and Arsenal in the game of eight thousand people in Shanghai Stadium, although the stadium and the game environment is very good, but can not control the high temperature has brought two teams without a small challenge, the referee In order to alleviate...


   When the home took over actually so responded [19/07/17 09:32AM]   
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Suddenly small Manning magical get rid of grappling, exhausted the ball forward to fling, and thought to myself: hey, unsuccessful will become it. Fans are holding their breath, all eyes are watching this...


   The president of the Western Football Association was arrested for corruption [19/07/17 04:34AM]   
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Local time Tuesday morning, the Spanish Football Association President Ángel María Villar was arrested by Civil Guard in a civil protection operation. It is noteworthy that Villar has served as chairman of the Western Football Association for 29 years, he just two months ago just won the re-election....


   Was fascinated by Messi gold ball [18/07/17 09:50AM]   
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Nei Maer spent a quiet summer, has also been rejoined to participate in pre-season preparation, however, Nei Maer in Barcelona uncomfortable, the people around him always thought he had to leave Barcelona time. They think that Nemal left Barcelona will get rid of Messi's shadow, continue to grow...


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