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    Heat abutting to the face-lifting of James - Johnson [07/08/17 04:15AM]   
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Miami is actively with the aggregation advanced James - Johnson on the adjustment to alpha negotiations. Negotiations are advanced able-bodied and abutting to the face-lifting agreement.



    Paris people were Barcelona to 6 to 1 reversal [05/08/17 05:38AM]   
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Won the Champions League is Nemal to join Paris Saint Germain another purpose, and in the last season of the Champions League, Emery's first leg at home to 4 to 0 victory over Barcelona, ​​but in the Nou Camp for the second leg, Paris People were Barcelona to 6 to 1 reversal, his team...


   Kutiniao interview slag hope to join Barcelona [04/08/17 10:00AM]   
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Nei Maer transfer big Paris thing will also cause no small "chain reaction", which will include the Liverpool king Kutiniao. Today, Clopp in charge of Liverpool will face a problem, the Red Army attack core Kutiniao is going to interview with slag for Liverpool to agree to join their own Barcelona.



   41 + 28 + 15! Big devil first down the stadium [04/08/17 05:11AM]   
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Distal scored 13 points reversal of South Korea, so crazy performance can not help but think of the team had Guoqing team Zhou Qi. In February 2011, just over 15 years old Zhou Qi selected national youth team, with the team set off the Turkish U16 men's basketball international tournament. In the...


   Nei Maer last year agreed to go to Manchester United last time go back [03/08/17 10:06AM]   
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At present, Nemal's transfer will be uproar about his next stop, the outside world is generally considered to be Paris, France, "team newspaper" also pointed out that next Monday, Nei Maer to join the Paris transaction will be officially announced, then he Will officially leave Barcelona, ​​the...


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