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   Battermeo: Messi's story in Barcelona continues [07/07/17 10:35AM]   
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The president descrembed the club all know how happy the world's best players were after the contract, he said: "I know he will stay with us." Club President Bartome Umea responded to the official renewal of Messi To the news of 2021. "Personally, I always believe that he will be renewed for four...


   Su Qun: Green Army can play knight? [07/07/17 05:32AM]   
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Although the Cavaliers in the finals on the new version of the Warriors great disadvantage, but in the increasingly weak east, hegemony is not much problem. Knight in addition to James and Owen, there are Le Fu and TT inside the Celtics are a headache. Now, the Celtics grabbed the biggest fish that...


   It will be a very challenging offseason [06/07/17 10:26AM]   
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"This will be a very challenging offseason ... we gave up two noble guys and excellent players, but we also got two very different players," said Chuck Fletcher, General Manager of Wild General. Good players, believe they can help us, and I think our deal for the team to make a valuable salary space,...


   Must address a new history [06/07/17 05:26AM]   
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For Zidane, the next season's claiming is hard, but aswell abounding of temptation, if he can beforehand to get six crowns, acquire to address a new history.

Of course, now Zidane just alternate to Madrid, he aswell faced some difficult task. "Aspen newspaper"...


   World Cup resident or selected Moscow [05/07/17 09:52AM]   
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The German team, which ended the Confederations Cup semi-final, left the airport in the afternoon and flew to St. Petersburg to prepare for the final day. And originally thought that the Federation Cup in Sochi to enjoy a very comfortable life of the German team, but according to Tencent sports...


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